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RF and Electrical Calibrations

PMI uses state of the art calibration standards and procedures to calibrate a broad range of RF and Electrical test equipment. Spanning precise time and frequencies from DC to 40Ghz, and power from 2000 Watts down to -140 dbm. PMI calibrates Counters, Multimeters, Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Meggers, Network Analyzers, Power meters/sensors, attenuators and Power Supplies just to name a few. For more information

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Avionics Calibrations

PMI technicians have a combined 100 + years of Air Force experience calibrating leading edge military MRO equipment. Coupled with our GIDEP driven procedure system, which provides access to both military and civilian Avionics procedures, our Avionics Section is well equipped to handle a broad array of test equipment including; Ramp Test Sets, Nav/Com, TACAN, DME, ILS, VOR, IFF, G/S, Bearing and Air Data Testers, and DOD-used foreign country support/test equipment. For more information

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Testing Services

PMI performs a wide variety of testing to include safety compliance, load testing, part measurements, temperature and chemical testing. Load testing up to 100,000 lbs, and tension testing up to 50,000 lbs is accomplished. We also design/build custom fixtures to meet our customers testing needs. Utilizing our PMI designed software allows the technician to perform trend analysis, which in turn allows the customer to implement preventative measures before mishaps occur. PMI also provides full parameter part verification to customer drawings for custom machined fixtures and devices. For more information

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Physical and Dimensional Calibrations

Comprising a large portion of PMI’s calibration services, is Physical & Dimensional calibration and testing, which is often used in Quality Control to measure the size, distance, temperature and pressure, or to apply force or tension with impressive accuracy and repeatability into the millionths. Just a few examples of the Physical & Dimensional equipment include calipers, micrometers, thread/plug gauges, gauge blocks, light, sound, magnetism, torque and pressure, and vacuum. Most of these are performed in a highly controlled 68⁰ room. For more information

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